By Anna C.

32 and Rising

All I can say this weekend is, “think warm thoughts!”

IMG_5359I’ve picked a few of my favorites from Net-A-Porter and Moda Operandi for a special V-day treat.



Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 10.46.26 PM


Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.22.53 PM


Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.35.04 PM IMG_5305Brightly colored florals and light, airy fabrics are my way of saying “spring is on it’s way” even if the weather reports wouldn’t agree.


Shop by look at J. Crew and Anthoropologie.

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I gravitate towards many places, all for which I call home. When I think of where home is no one place comes to mind.


Being in Ann Arbor brings so many memories to the fore. The city I’ve called home for the past four years has seen me at my best and my worst; undoubtedly A.A. welcomes me with open arms.



Certain indescribable emotions surface when I walk down a familiar street, see a lost friend or revisit a previously inhabited space. Ann Arbor is nostalgic in the best way possible.


Where does this magic come from? Being there gives me the motivation to move forward knowing that there will always be a home to come back to.


That feeling of “I never want to leave” is met with a desire to explore; to follow the uncertain path leading to another home awaiting me far, far away.

Get the Look:
Blouse & Trousers, Lafayette 148 New York
Jacket, Loft
Necklace, Anthropologie
Shoes, L.A.M.B

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I rarely venture to the Lower East Side (though I definitely should more often). During the evenings and weekends the streets are busy; friends meeting for drinks, couples dining at local eateries, friends laughing over bubble tea.


IMG_2325bCooler air continues to roll in though I still see sleeveless dresses and bare legs out on the streets.

A pair of ankle boots and a leather jacket complete Lauren’s look.



Animal Print Pouch, Madewell. Gold Chain Necklace, Lafayette 148 New York. Black Leather Boots, ASOS. Knit Dress, J. Crew. Leather Jacket, All Saints.



Swap out accessories and you turn one black dress into multiple different outfits.



Furs and cashmere are go without questions. Animal print is the perfect accent to this all black look.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.23.03 PM

Here’s to the girl who so effortlessly dresses she draws the attention of others by accident.


IMG_2542b It’s easy to hide under thick sweaters and oversized tunics. Don’t let winter get the best of you.

My 1# style tip for this season: splurge on accessories—like this amazing fox fur scarf from Lafayette 148 or this knockout leather jacket from All Saints.



Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.31.50 PM

La Rue Française

Washington Square Park is a popular spot for NYU students, tourists, street performers and strolling couples alike.

Anna 1

But tucked away nearby is a small side street that transports you to a different world.

Follow me, à la rue française.

Anna 2

Colorful shudders and luscious vines frame doorways and window sills. This short cobble stone street reminds me of the narrow roads scattered through Paris et Marseille.

Anna 12 Anna 13

No taxis or street vendors, one can walk casually without having to look twice before crossing the street.

Anna 5 Anna 6

I peak inside one of the windows. The scene of a small bistro appears; with large circular tables surrounded by family members passing baguettes and pouring newly uncorked bouteilles de vine.

Anna 7 Anna 9 Anna 8

The windows protected by heavy black bars are only a façade; there is nothing to fear.

Anna 18

Anna 19

It’s impossible to explore this city without comfortable shoes. Who knows if I would have even found this quietly concealed street without a pair of sneaks on hand. 
Anna 21 When reality sets in and you realize you’re still in the middle of the New York’s busiest city, cette petite rue fraçaise is just the dose of tranquility needed to make it through the day. Anna 22

A secret worth exploring; la rue française.

Blazer: Kriziapoi. Silk Tunic: Madewell. Skirt: Sinequanone. White Heels: L.A.M.B. Sneakers: All Black. Necklace: Jessica Decarlo Jewelry. Purse: Vintage Coach. Earrings: Kate Spade. Watch: Fossil.

Photography by:
Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.03.24 PM

In Case You Missed It: Style It Local with DGG


As a member of the Detroit Garment Group I was honored to be a guest writer for their blog, Style Factory.Their new segment “Style it Local” focuses on creating looks using brands available to style-savvy Michigan shopper.

In case you didn’t see the post, here are a few of my favorite photos from this DGG exclusive shoot.

Anna 3.1


Anna 20

My favorite part about this look was my Lafayette 148 notch collar vest. I was thrilled to wear something from the company I’m working for. This timeless piece is perfect for fall layering.

IMG_9735 Anna 17.1 Anna 11.1

Read the details of this look in my Style Factory post.


Anna 8

 Shout out to Lisa Wang for the awesome photography.


Summer’s end is approaching and as hot as it’s been in the city I’m almost ready to put away my strappy sandals and sun dresses and transition into my fall wardrobe….I said almost ready, but not quite yet.

Anna 13.1

Anna 5.1

Tan lines and all, I’m embracing my body and my summer glow for at least a few more weekends before layering up for fall.

Anna 2.1 Anna 3.1

Commuting from Brooklyn to SOHO each day for work leaves me feeling like a sweaty mess, but today I’m soaking up the sun for a beautiful Friday shoot in NYC with my girl Lisa Wang from Leopard Shoes.

Anna 7.1 Anna 8.1

This look is almost completely vintage. The dress, necklace, bracelet and leather tote bag are all from flea markets or vintage dealers. Shoes are Dolce Vita.

Anna 18.1

Off you go summer. See you next year. Just remember: I’ve got my eye on you.

Anna 19.1

Anna 12.1

Photo Credit: Lisa Wang

New City, New Job.

I’ve waited a few weeks to make any sort of “big announcement” about my new job because I wanted to let it all sink in for a while. I needed time to reflect on where I am now and where I’m going—with my life, my career and my future.

Me circa 2012. This photography was taken at one of my all time favorite blog shoot with Natasha Jandaran.

Me circa 2012. This photography was taken at one of my all time favorite blog shoot with Natasha Jandaran.

I didn’t feel like posting on Facebook was the best way to share my excitement after finally accepting the job offer. Honestly, I didn’t want to jinx it; as if doing so would affirm that this job was all too good to be true. As a recent U of M graduate my life has been consumed with uncertainty. From living arrangements to relationship statuses and the thought of college friends moving across the county whom you may never see again. Anyone who’s in the job market knows the stress and anxiety that comes from applying to 20+ jobs a day with a %10 response rate (if that).

Anna And Tara

Here I stand with a model on-set at one of my first ever SHEI Magazine photo shoots in 2012.

I strongly believe that things happen for a reason. Let’s flash back to Fall of 2014 when I took a weekend trip to NYC with the Ross Retail Club. During our visit we had the opportunity to tour and speak with representatives from five companies: DKNY, BCBG, Bloomingdale’s (shout out to my girl Lisa Wang!), Rent the Runway and Lafayette 148. One visit truly made a lasting impression on me: Lafayette 148.

Styleowner 3

My first summer internship in at StyleOwner in NYC truly changed my life. Ever since then I knew I belonged in the city.

The aesthetic, the ethos, the environment. This amazing promo video says it all. As we toured the showroom, the design spaces and the photography studio I imagined myself working alongside a host of well-dressed salespersons, designers and stylists. Swapping business cards and trying to memorize the names of each employee I met, I could only hope that it wouldn’t be the last time I stood inside Lafayette 148.


Eight months later I’m packing three huge suitcases with every item of clothing, pair of shoe and precious accessory that will fit as I prepare to being on a new journey in New York. As a new member of the Lafayette 148 family I am excited about what is in store for my future in fashion. This vertically-driven company houses its creative, business, marketing and customer service teams all under one roof. The opportunity to work along side such an amazing group is unlike any other. As a Client Relations Advisor I’m going to learn the ins and outs of what makes this high-end clothing brand stand out above the rest.

New York City, here I come.


photography by: Natasha Janardan

Without my family I would be nothing. I owe so much to my mom, my dad and my siblings for pushing me to be the best person I can be. Shout to this guy, who’s support and love has made all the difference. Seni seviyorum Sinan.



Verbena Calling—Part II

Everything about this dress says “whimsical”; the neutrality of color, the layering of fabric, the soft feel it creates blowing against your skin in the light summer breeze.

Angela 17

Angela is wearing an outfit I selected from a local Ann Arbor boutique called Verbena.

Angela 10

Verbena has everything you need for summer evenings out, weekend getaways and beach days on Lake Michigan. Here Angela wears a cream colored dress with beautiful gold accessories.

Angela 15

I love this gold necklace with a simple turquoise stone. Verbena has an awesome collection of jewelry.

Angela 16

The statement piece of the summer: The kimono.

Angela 12

Turn a studded belt into a wrap bracelet. It’s that simple. Accessories are everything.

Angela 13

The vibrant tribal pattern on this kimono is the perfect piece to pair with a simple dress or denim shorts.

Angela 14

Find Angela’s outfit and so many other amazing pieces at Verbena in Ann Arbor or at:

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.07.30 PM

Photography By:


Verbena Calling—Part I

Kate Duerksen and the “Verbena Girls” are always doing something fun. Check them out on instagram @verbenaannarbor

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.07.30 PM

Verbena is full of positive energy, creative minds and on-trend clothing like crochet crop tops, gold stacking bracelets and a rainbow of colored clutches.

(you can now shop Verbena online!)

Angela 2

I had a great time picking looks for Angela. Just as the rain cleared photographer Natasha Janardan and I headed outside for a summer shoot featuring florals in motion.

Angela 4

This black cotton pencil skirt works well with the floral tank top’s sheer billowing fabric.

Angela 7

White  sunnies and coral lipstick are a sign of summer.

Angela 8

Paired with a pink wristlet and a cream satin button down this outfit is perfect for a stroll downtown or an evening out.

Angela 9

I can’t get away from black, even on the hottest days of summer. With accent color and lightweight fabrics, simple black pieces can be worked into any outfit.

Angela 1

Everything seen on Angela can be found at Verbena on State Street in Ann Arbor. Shop online at:


Huge thank you to Verbena for partnering with Ceen by Anna C. to make this shoot possible! xoxo

photography by: 

11th Annual Walk Fashion Show


 I had a fabulous time with some fellow bloggers at the 11th Annual Walk Fashion Show at The Garden Theater in Detroit.

Walk 2

I sat at the end of the runway with Jordan from lil miss JB Style and Leah from Beauty and the Muse.

Walk 3

I also snapped a few pictures before the show started with Daishawn, one of the Walk Fashion Show Founders and fellow Detroit Garment Group member.

walk 1

I’m wearing a navy lace top from Loft  with a J. Crew maxi skirt and Sam Edelman electric blue suede heels. I accessorized with a nude BCBG leather clutch and simple Madewell beaded necklace.


Some of my favorite designers from the show were: The Plush Life (swimwear) Lady Liberty, Junae’ Raye (the duo was also at NOiR show), Dark Odyssey Collection, Matthew Richmond and Vino Supraja





.The Paper Dress Code by Matthew Richmond is a unique take on eco-chic. I’ve never seen recycled materials used in such an elegant way. See more of Matthews work on his website:





Shani Ricks’s collection, The Plush Life, featured crochet swimwear. My favorite was a green & pink pseudo-camouflage crochet. Major props to these woman for pulling off these slinky swimsuits!





I am OBSESSED with Lady Liberty. Her detailed patchwork was breathtaking. Her ability to combine vintage, bohemian and modern fabrics was so beautiful. I especially loved the last look—a mermaid shaped multi-toned blue gown with leather and denim panels.






I saw a few repeat pieces from the NOiR Fashion Show that Junae’ Ray participated in, but overall their collection was just as clean and polished as I remembered. I could see myself wearing several of their tailored jackets and hooded capes.




The flowy silk fabrics used by Vino Supraja were stunning. Her line really brought the show up a notch by adding sophistication and elegance.





I’m usually not a huge fan of zebra print and neon blue but in this collection they worked. The Merocki line contrasted bright hues of blue and turquoise against classic black silk. I’m hesitant to say this but, I kind of liked it.






The Dark Odyssey collection was just that: dark and seductive. The leather and lace gowns were acceptably risqué. I actually really enjoyed some of the mens’ jackets. The zippers and collars were on point.


To see more looks (and professional photography) visit the Walk Fashion Show Facebook page:

Thank you to Walk Fashion Show for inviting me to attend the show!